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To clarify and deliver your message to the people who need to hear it.

Associated Media brings strategic value to every client engagement. We can design a print ad or write a simple press release—but our sweet spot is in helping organizations clarify their message, build their brands, execute strategic plans, and get results.
Working with you, we will create a strategic communications plan that will help your company achieve its business objectives. 

The Frew Group develops effective strategies to promote community resilience, build community engagement, and communicate across sectors and cultures. We deliver innovative public awareness and community outreach—a challenge that often serves as a barrier to sustained success. We help you address the growing issues of changing ecosystems, disaster management, community development and organizational challenges.

Our team is dedicated to an inclusive and transparent planning and implementation process. We collaborate closely with you and your key stakeholders in each service offered. We bring our creative yet practical problem-solving attitude to consider elements and aspects not typically addressed, such as socio-cultural “human factors.”   

50% Government Projects
33% Organisational Projects
17% Individual Projects