Line Production

Hunting locations for your next film, documentary, ad, TV show or documentary production? We understand that Selecting the right location is the first step on the road to a successful shoot .We assure you, What you’re looking for is likely already here in this “Paradise on Earth”! We at Associated Media aim to make the location scouting process faster, easier, and more affordable.


Film shooting connection with Kashmir is not new as the industry has shot a plethora of flicks set against the picturesque & natural setting of real Kashmir. It’s rich heritage, lush green valleys have been a major part of Bollywood movies. Bollywood has never missed the chance to shoot in Kashmir. Let’s look at some Bollywood movies shot in Kashmir


We provide production services in Jammu & Kashmir,like, Budgeting, Permits, Location Scouting, Casting, Creative Crew, Makeup, Set Design, Props & etc., On site Catering and Craft Service, Equipment, Security, Location rentals, Travel Arrangements. These offerings can be customized to each client depending upon the specific requirements of the project. Our wide ranging services include:

Budgeting & Scheduling: We work out a cost effective budget and schedule for your term in Jammu & Kashmir.

Location Hunting /Reccee : Besides providing thorough resource guides, We can scout extraordinary locations or any private property across Jmmu & Kashmir with a flair of uniqueness, as per the demand of the script. We can suggest you as many as options available, recce can be done as per your requirements, and our location library has some ready references for your Requirements.

Production/Creative Crew:  We can arrange full production team as per your project needs -Line producers Writers Cameramen, Art Directors , Assistant Directors Make-Up Artists Production Assistants Production Coordinators Production Designers Production Managers Production Fixer Production Supervisors Script Supervisors Still Photographers etc.

Set Design & Construction: Each project we undertake is a master work within your accurate budget specifications. We can design and create the perfect sets as per your requirements.

Castings: Our Casting team cnsure to an hunt for the right actors and models locally available.

Legal Permits & Clearances: We ensure to acquire the required government legalities, permits and clearances required for filming.

Hotels Accommodation , Catering & Transportation : We help to explore the finest and most comfortable Hotels & Accommodations as per the requirement and budget for the crew with the best deals possible. We make sure that your transport is efficient, comfortable, punctual, and reliable.

How we do it:  During pre-production, Associated Media as Line Producers work with the Director, Production Manager, First Assistant Director, Director and other Heads of Department. They prepare the production schedule and budget, and to set the shoot date. We are ultimately responsible for overseeing everything and making sure the production is completed on time and within budget. We as Line Producers manage all other pre-production activities , like controlling production expenditure, controlling production materials, and monitoring and controlling the progress of productions. We deal with location scouting, sourcing equipment and suppliers and selecting crew. We also hire supporting artistes and contributors, and monitor production departments. We as Line Producers also cater for unforeseen circumstances, and spend much of our time juggling figures and resources.

At the end of the shoot, as the Line Producer we also oversee the ‘wrap’, or winding down, of the production.