Film Making

Associated Media has pioneered and professionally made Quality television Programmes covering all genre and formats. We have produced and directed over 1000 hours of television programmes. Kashmir based AM (with a satellite office in New Delhi) is an aggressive, young and executive production company whose executives collectively have over 30 years experience in the Television industry. We have strong team for preproduction, production and postproduction. We have latest full HD, 2K cameras with HD edit and graphics stations. We also have a green studio for shooting.

We expertise in

  • Documentaries
  • Short films
  • Conservation/Wildlife Documentary Filmmaking
  • Corporate Films
  • AV presentations
  • Brand videos
  • AV Commercials
  • Animated films
  • Channel Promos/Break Bumpers
  • Music videos

Other services Include: 

Concept development, Script writing , Script refinement for video , Story Boarding , Logistics , Casting , Talent search & auditioning , Set design , Make-Up , Video production , Post Production , Chroma Keying Crews & equipment , DVD authoring, duplication & packaging , Production of DVD’s , CD-ROM’s , VHS tapes, and streaming video for the Web , 2-D & 3-D Animation , 3-D Motion graphics , Web Video Campaigns , Testimonial Videos , Event Videos , Greenscreen Shooting , Corporate Training Videos , Public Service Announcements , Video New Releases , DVD Menu Design , Dubbing , Virtual sets , Post-production services , Studio Floors , Stock Footage Sales , CD Duplication.

We have outstanding crews locally, and access to quality crews nationally. 



Talk Shows


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TV Serials