Dub & Mastering

Taking into consideration the requirement of an elaborate multi-camera set-up, and a single-camera handheld production, Associated Media shall make available the equipment and technical expertise to make your on-location video shoot a success. We normally produce our video in the DVCAM formats using broadcast-quality cameras to ensure sharp and vibrant images.

Our location production packages include the Cameramen, production crew, cameras, tripods, lighting, microphones, cables and field monitors. Many additional options are available.


We can provide multiple camera live on tape video production, using professional, broadcast-quality cameras. The video footage can be switched live (“edited on the fly”) and can be fed to projection screens and/or recorded to videotape for future editing or review.


Associated Media can provide you with video playback, live switching, and live video recording equipment to create a portable “video control room”. This equipment gives you the ability to live-switch a variety of visual elements, including live video footage, pre-produced videos, graphics or animation loops, computer presentations, and PowerPoint slides. Our top-notch, live-event technical staff will make sure that everything happens on-cue and flows together seamlessly.


We can provide a complete Audio system for this Programme, including an audio mixing board, Talk back, speakers, wireless mics, lapel mics and handheld microphones.


With our Lighting gear We l make sure that the panelists/Anchor on stage or  audience in the room look good with adequate lighting, at any angle, intensity and color to create standard/ desired effect or mood.


We use strong platforms, sized to accommodate props, whether preexisting or custom-built. Stage height shall be adjustable .Setting up a backdrop for the presenters, creating an audience space, or hide sensitive areas of the facility using heavy velour drape in two colors: presidential blue or black. Additional colors can also be made available.


We can provide a variety of stock photo and video clips to help create the special feeling, mood, or location that you need in your video. We have extensive Kashmir specific  experience and archival footage for all types of content. All you have to do is describe the image you’re looking for and we’ll find it for you. Comp images are available for preview so you can make sure we’ve got the right shot before anything is finalized.


We have three non linear digital video editing Stations with experienced, creative editors to ensure your video production project is delivered on schedule.

Two hardware based workstations complete the video edit facilities with HDV, DVC Pro 50 , Beta cam output and also   giving extra speed and flexibility for mpeg encoding and authoring of DVD and CD.

Still Photography

We are an exclusively digital company who use Canon,sony, DSLR’s and lenses (currently a 5D Mark II, 1Ds Mark II and a variety of “L” series lenses) and Apple computers.
Our Digital studios include the following: