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Building strong BRANDS

Right from the start, Associated Media  is geared to working closely with your communication  team as Partners-in-Creativity. The agency will take care of above-the-line and below-the-line activities of the institution.

From designing and implementing Brand building strategies , Identity Program to Effective Strategies for establishing or enhancing the brand we do it all under one roof. ATL and BTL activities are aligned in order to achieve desired results and promote your brand. The synergy is created from concept development to actual implementation and aligning all activities towards recognition of the perceived value of the product.

Some of our Branding Solutions include:

  • Brand Discovery
  • Graphic Design Solutions
  • Logo Design
  • Positioning
  •  Advertising & Promotion
  •  Logotype and symbol
  • Design of Stationery /brochures, catalogues and advertisements

We do;

Event Branding

  •  Channel Branding/Station Idents
  • City Branding
  • Educational Branding
  • Corporate identity
  • Destination Branding

Our services will include:

  • Event  branding Consultancy
  • Creative Services
  • Media relations

WE are event production consultants

Our team can provide a completely tailored package to achieve your strategic goals in the upcoming event. We respect your trust on the creative professionals of AM  with your corporate event production.


Creative Services can help you develop quality promotional material. We can write, design, and oversee the printing/communication media for all of your event needs.

Determine the core message about the event and state it clearly throughout all promotional materials.


  • The event logo
  • Banners & Signage
  • D&P banners, about the event in the catchment area of the empowering initiative or the target area
  • Pre event Promotions
  • Promoting the event as we desire


  • Timeliness: the event coincides with one or more current events
  • The event is happening locally, or is relevant to local people
  • Prominence: involving high-profile individuals
  • Impact: having a major effect on a large number of people
  •  Magnitude (again, large number of people involved)
  • The focus of the event may be considered controversial
  • Human interest: the event offers an opportunity for personal feature or emotional appeal
  • Potential for good visuals

We will ask the News organizations to consider sending a reporter regarding your event.

Our Media relations team  can also consult with you as you consider

  • Physical location of media members if they attend
  • Whether to set aside time for reporters to talk with your speaker
  • Whether media interviews should be done in a news conference or in one-on-one interviews
  • Location of cameras during the event
  • What backdrop can be used or created to help identify your unit and the campus