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  • Ad film making
  • Print Advertising
  • Outdoor signage
  • Online advertising
  •  Graphic Design
  • Outdoor Advertising

Jammu & Kashmir is an emerging marketplace that is redefining how we interact with media  and content. As the traditional media model gets reconfigured, Outdoor becomes the effective mass media choice. Considered as  best means of brand, business or service promotion. Outdoor advertising has the opportunity and potential  to influence onlooker decisions.

At associated Media , we will deliver you the target audiences, accurate markets  with the best of all services throughout Kashmir.

Whether it’s Bulletins or Mall Displays, Displays in transportation systems, high-impact In-Store Displays, Digital Billboards, or standard Billboards on highways entering or leaving major cities, we will carry your messages.

Jammu & Kashmir  is a  marketplace driven  by tourism. The Kashmir area is a top  hill resort and outdoor recreation playground for visitors and residents,. The ‘heaven on earth’ has destinations, golf courses, rivers, lakes, and mountains. This translates into more opportunities for outdoor signage and billboard advertising in Kashmir.

Your messages  will be Delivered  to the masses where they  commute, shop and gather  in Kashmir with a variety of outdoor advertising solutions provided by associated Media.

Online advertising

Evolving from print, television, cinema and billboard advertising, to greater use of technology to reach our target audience wherever they are, and whatever they might be doing, in their daily lives.

This has meant embracing new media such as mobile technology, social media and online advertising.